Will neon signs go extinct due to the success of LEDs?

LEDs are making their way into the market, and neon signs are starting to come down. There are many reasons why LED lights are substituting neon signs. The following is a breakdown of these reasons.

Neon signs have been around for over 100 years, but they are quickly being replaced with LED lights due to their benefits in terms of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Neon lights use 400% more energy than LEDs do which is not sustainable in this day and age. LEDs do not contain mercury like neon lights do which makes them healthier for the environment and more durable than neon signs too. Neon signs also require constant maintenance whereas LEDs don't need any at all since they don't use any liquid gases or filament wires that can burn out or break easily.
One of the challenges with LEDs is that they are not as bright as neon signs, which is a disadvantage for many places. The ambient light of an LED sign is less than that of a neon sign.
Neon signs still have some advantages over LEDs. For example, it can be seen from greater distances than an LED sign.
Many people believe that LEDs will replace neon signs as the light of choice for advertising and signage. This is because LEDs are cheaper to install, consume less power and last longer than neon signs.
However, there are factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding which type of light to use. Neon lights have a soft glow that is more flattering on skin tones and can be seen from farther distances. To make a rational decision on whether or not neon lights will go extinct we need to look at other factors such as the cost difference and other benefits like longevity and energy consumption.

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