What is a LED Neon Sign?

LED Neon Signs are a form of lighting that provides a pleasing and fun display that can be seen from a distance. It is a good alternative for traditional neon signs because they are more environmentally friendly, long lasting, and cheaper to maintain.

Neon lights have been around for over 100 years and have been used in many industries. They were originally created as an alternative to incandescent light bulbs because they were brighter and more efficient. Neon lights became popular because the gas was cheap, it could be easily combined with other gases to create glowing colors, and they were durable. The problem was due to the size of the tube, it needed continuous electricity which became expensive after World War II (Jaremko). But LED Neon Signs solved this problem by using LEDs which provide different colors at less cost

The sign is a symbol of a company, business, or even an event. The LED Neon sign is the newest and most modern way to create that visual sign.
This type of sign is more energy efficient and easier to read from afar. It has a wider viewing angle in comparison with traditional neon signs which reduces the need for multiple letters. It’s also a lot cheaper in the long-term when it comes to maintenance costs because there are no gases or chemicals present in this type of signage.
A LED neon sign is a type of electronic device designed to produce light through the use of electric current. A clear plastic panel is coated with phosphor on which text or graphics are imprinted by a neon tube.
LED Neon signs are most often used in the retail industry as part of a signage package for storefronts or shopping malls, or to promote special offers in the window of shops. Some stores have now begun using LED neon signs for their interior decoration, adding color and visual interest to areas where traditional decorative elements might be less successful.
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