LED Neon Signs - The Pros and Cons of the Brightness They Provide

Pros: Neon signs are inexpensive, they generate a lot of light, they provide instant visibility without the need for complicated installation processes.

Cons: Neon signs have an aggressive appearance that might not be appropriate for certain environments. Neon lights can also create dazzling reflections on cars and windows which make them difficult to see at night time
LED neon signs are the go-to option for most businesses because they are brighter than other neon signs. They are able to provide a lot of illumination, but they also produce a lot of heat.
Pros: LED neon signs last longer than traditional neon lights and emit less heat. They also cost less to operate and don't require as much power as other types of lighting.
Cons: LEDs don't come with the same warm glow that traditional neon lights do, which some people find off-putting.
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