How Much Would Custom Flex Neon Letter Signage Cost?

Custom flex neon letter signage can be really expensive. It depends on the size and type of sign, but the average is somewhere between $140-$500.

Custom flex neon letter signage is a great way to show off your business. It can be used to brand your business to make it stand out in the crowd.
Neon letters are made up of gas that has been ionized by an electrical discharge, which leaves behind a striking orange glow, like the one you get from neon lights.
A custom flex neon sign can be set up in minutes and can be moved anywhere you want to go!
The cost will depend on the size and design of the sign, but you can expect to find prices starting at $140 for a 12’’x12’’ letter.
Some companies offer custom printing using these neon letters! This is a great option if you are looking for something that will last longer than just your average LED
Businesses are always looking for ways to advertise their products and services. Though it can get expensive, neon signage is a great way to attract the right customers.
For an individual or small business, neon signage can be made at home with items that are easy to find. However, for larger orders, companies will need to purchase materials in bulk and hire professionals who know how to create professional quality light signs.
The cost of the sign depends on its dimensions and whether you need to rent any equipment or vehicles for installation. The material cost also varies based on the size of the lettering and the type of lighting used in the sign.
Flex Neon sign stores you can be found online and offline and offer a wide selection of items for sale at affordable prices. There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding a quality neon sign store. If you want the best possible prices and widest selection, we recommend checking out

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